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logoconcept Concept
“Tingzijian” is the name of a small room located at the turn of the staircase in a building. It usually faces the north, so the small room would be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. House owners used to rent them out for extra income.
During the 1920s and 1930s, many highly educated people and artists came to Shanghai to escape social and political unrest in other parts of China. Many of them were single and Tingzijian was to them a cheap, convenient form of accommodation.
In my opinion, this microsite is like a “TingZiJian” in the UK which brings the original culture of Shanghai into London. Accordingly i adapted the word “TingziJian” for the name of this micro webiste to show the culture and originality of Shanghai.





1.The blue area is the screen area, you can move the background to see more icons by holding the left click on the mouse.(The tool bar won’t move, and it will show you thearea that you are looking)

2.All the icon will displayed as gray colour at the begining. When you move your mouse over the icon the colour will change to black and the name of the icon will appear at the